UA-56961821-1 NCF-34 Cyber Security Solutions for Small Business

NCF-34 Cyber Security Solutions for Small Business

May 2, 2017

Our surprisingly candid conversation today, shows what our guest is about. Eric Adkins the CEO of a company that bears his name gives some of the most honest advice that I have ever heard on Cyber Security. This is one of the most informal conversations I think we have ever aired but I think you will love it. Honesty about the current state of the cyber industry is what so many people are looking for.

Eric and our host discuss why companies often distrust the cyber profession and some possible ways that we as an industry can adjust to overcome this challenge. If you are a business owner and are confused about what you are hearing from multiple consultants and contractors, this is a good conversation for you to listen too.

Eric, Thanks for the honest conversation and your valuable insight.

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