NCF-37 Cyber Intelligence as a Preemptive Measure To Protect Your Business

May 31, 2017

Today we hear from Root9B, if you are not familiar with Root9B they are a Colorado Headquartered company who has been #1 on the Cybersecurity 500 List posted by Cybersecurity Ventures, for more than a year now. Our guest James Krainock is the lead forensic investigator and has an amazing backstory that you would not expect, as he has spend a great deal of his forensic career helping children. You will be stunned not only by the cyber threat intelligence strategies offered by Root9B but also Mr. Krainocks rare passion for making the world a better place.

Root9B focuses on the human element in the cyber security equation. We so often hear that technology solutions and data monitoring will be the next big solution for cybersecurity, but our conversation with Root9B may leave you thinking about things differently.

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