NCF-38 Creating A Ground-Up Business Model with Cyber Security Protection

June 14, 2017

Creating a Business Plan for how your company will address Cyber Security is what today's guest is all about. Jeff Beauprez the CEO of Colorado Networks Joins us today on New Cyber Frontier. So often we get buried in the technical aspects of cyber security that we neglect to think about Cyber Security as a business practice. Jeff and Colorado Networks are experts in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning for small and midsize businesses.

This is a great show if you are a small business looking for some free advice on how to build Cyber Security Into your business model from the ground up. Jeff also had some great insight on what to look for when shopping for Cyber insurance for your company.

Hear how Colorado Networks not only engages with companies in the planning stages of business but often as the emergency support for companies in need during a cyber compromise or business disaster. Theirs is a number you may want to keep on rolodex should you have a cyber emergency.

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