UA-56961821-1 NCF-44 A Culture Supporting Cyber Security Startups - Menny Barzilay

NCF-44 A Culture Supporting Cyber Security Startups - Menny Barzilay

August 9, 2017

The Nation of Israel is arguably one of the hottest cyber security regions in the world. Many Cyber security startups have come from this region over the last few years and Cyber Week sponsored by Tel Aviv University is one of the largest and best attended Cyber Conferences in the world. Today's guest tells us how this region has grown to become one of the top areas for cyber startups.

Menny Barzilay the CTO for the Research Center at the University of Tel Aviv and CEO of his own company called "42" joins us on an international call. Menny will also be one of this years keynote speakers for the National Cybersecurity Center Governor's Cyber Symposium - November 1-3, 2017. Hear how the Nation of Israel has become such a cyber hot spot. Menny tells us that much of the interest in cyber security is a factor of the Israeli culture itself, but also attributes economic sponsoring programs which enabled growth by supporting entrepreneurs in early startup phases. I hope that that the local efforts can take a lot from his advice.

Don't miss Mennys high-energy keynote at the Governor's Cyber Symposium, I certainly enjoyed listening to him at last year's event.

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