UA-56961821-1 NCF-61 Cyber Security for Ships on the Ocean with CIMSEC

NCF-61 Cyber Security for Ships on the Ocean with CIMSEC

January 24, 2018

As we explore the age of automation, one can imagine a time when ships on the ocean are no longer manned by people. Our guest today, Nick Anderson of the Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) tells us that a day when most of the ships on the ocean are unmanned, may be closer to a reality than a day when the majority of vehicles operate without drivers. Large relatively slow operations of ships are a natural fit for automated controls.

When a ship is automated, the communications and control of them becomes extremely critical as they become targets of electronic hijacking. CIMSEC is working to implement and oversee the security related to ocean going vessels. Hear as we discuss the challenges and give some insight into a world that many of us may never have given a second thought. 

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