NCF-SR5 NetWars winning hacker team, how to Hack, latest trends in Cyber, WannaCry and more

June 7, 2017

Today's’ Guests who are arguably the best team of Hackers in the world tell us what it takes to seal the winning spot at the SANS NetWars event. If you wondered what it takes to be a top Penetration tester you will not want to miss today’s show. Our Guest Quinn Kuzmich and Michael Enger represent this year's winning team at NetWars. Netwars is an event put on by SANS where anyone from entry to the world's best can attend to sharpen their cyber hacking skills.

We took the opportunity to ask the top Hacker team how they got their start and picked their brain to find out what makes them tick. Interestingly enough many of you will find that you share many things in common. Want to know the hard truth about cyber security including latest WannaCry and where they see the industry headed, you will not want to miss todays show.

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