UA-56961821-1 NCF-280 Setting up Diversity in Cyber Security
New Cyber Frontier

NCF-280 Setting up Diversity in Cyber Security

November 29, 2021

Today’s Guest, a key founder of Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, is a cyber security researcher with a highly technical background in network forensic analysis. They set the stage with an exciting discussion on tracking cyber threats and risks unique to the exposure created by the pandemic. Answering questions like, what did we learn, and what is new in the post-pandemic environment? What things changed and which will never be the same again? Hear as they discuss the new post-pandemic landscape. Also, our Guest brought up a fascinating discussion on a new topic, which she called “Confirmation bias.” Many of us have experienced this but may not have a definition. This recent evolution in the digital world where we cannot validate data authenticity or accuracy. Whether news, records, or statistics, we are on our own to determine whether to believe what we read. As we wrap up, the discussion turns to some upcoming efforts supporting diversity in the industry from organizations like Cyber Jutsu. Finally, hear how our Guest recommends that companies make their job posting sound more appealing to a dispersed audience.

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