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New Cyber Frontier

NCF-283 Hacking to make Secure Software

January 10, 2022

Today’s show is about the secure development of software, known as DevSecOpps, as our guest calls it. We look at how to secure software from the perspective of someone trying to break it. Our Guest Ted Harrington has a background as a “Hacker” but has now turned from the dark side of the force to use his skills to help develop secure software. Ted has published a book called “Hackable.” After having the same conversation for years, Ted says the same ten categories kept coming to the top, and in his view, people were handling it the wrong way. We have a heated discussion on the divide between what our guest describes as “The way it has always been” and what he calls “The best approach.” Finally, he addresses the classic challenge of how security by design practices fit into a business. I think you will enjoy this new look at secure software development, where hackers and developers support each other by working together.  

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